Wild Arms through the years.. celebrating the 10th anniversary!

Wild Arms, a role-playing game with classic anime style graphics, takes place in a mystical world known as Filgaia. The story begins in Adlehyde Castle, where three strangers meet for the first time and team up in order to save the world. With the help of two legendary alien races, the three will set out to conquer the Metal Demons. As the story unfolds, players are introduced to different towns and mazes of Fargaia, conquering the terrain by foot, by boat, and even by the shoulders of giant Golems. Styled like a classic sprite-based RPG, Wild Arms also has full 3D polygonal fighting sequences filled with multiple weapons and spells and uniquely designed monsters and bosses. - IGN.com

Ahh.. it's been almost 10 years since the birth of Wild Arms (December 20, 1996), one of the few greatest RPG game on Playstation. Unique at its own right kasi "western RPG" sya.. you know cowboys etc. Na mimiss ko ang tuloy ang long hours of playing this game, walang tulugan haha.. hanggang matapos.. titigil lang pag mainit na ang Playstation. D
ati hindi ko talaga gusto ito.. kasi that time kasabayan nya ang Final Fantasy VII kaya naman hindi gaano sumikat ito.. natabunan..

Main characters of the game are Jack Van Burace (Thief with his wind mouse pet Hanpan), Cecilia Adlehyde (Healer, Caster) and Rudy Roundknight (Outcast, Gunner), mga Dream Chasers.
Jack uses the fast-draw sword fighting technique, Rudy uses ARMs (Ancient Relic Machine) that are essentially very rare and mystical guns, that very few people in Filgaia know how to use, and Cecilia casts magic. Story is just the same as other games. Filgaia invaded by Metal Demons with their leader "Great Mother", ancient Guardians too weak to help directly choose them and provide powers necessary to defeat the enemy. Pasensya na sa Battle system at polygonize (1996 pa lang iyon at hindi pa hi-tech), pero for a true gamer hindi graphics ang basehan kundi ang gameplay at storyline.

Pros - Great sounds, Fun game, First good RPG for PSX , Fair magic system
Cons - Slightly repetitive, Summon system needs a bit refinement, Too easy

Evolution of Wild Arms series (Japan released date)
Wild Arms - December 20, 1996
Wild Arms: 2nd Ignition - September 2, 1999
Wild Arms: Advanced 3rd - March 14, 2002
Wild Arms: The 4th Detonator - March 3, 2005
Wild Arms: Vth Vanguard - TBA (news from official site and RPGamer.com)

special thanks to: WildArms.net

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  1. isa sa mga gusto kong magkaroon na sinamang palad na hindi ako nagkaroon ay playstation. pero siguro nakabuti na din kasi one time hiniram ko ps ng pinsan ko at naglaro ako ng FF8, grabe halos hindi na ako natutulog. lolz

  2. Wild Arms was a good RPG! Unfortunately I havent tried the latest version! I've been eagerly waiting the release of FF12 in english version! They say its the best yet!

  3. salamat sa pagbisita..

    wala akong ps.. nanghihiram lang din ako

    true.. one of the best rpg playstation had.. pareho lang tayo.. nde ko pa nalalaro ang 2nd to 4th series..