got this poem from a fellow message board poster.. untitled though..

Why do i have to say goodbye?
To a person i have loved for a long time
And why do I still cry?
When I think of you most of the time

So many questions left unanswered
about what lies ahead
About what you've said
And what I could have possibly did or said

I still remember those days
When I used to say
I love you
And I miss you

I still remember the time I said
I would wait for you
And that I would never leave you
But you were the one who erased what I have said

Why do all good things come to an end?
Why does my love for you have to end?

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  1. been here! long time.. haha

    nweiz, ganda ng poem! :D yeah, why do we have to say goodbye! tsk3. letting go is the hardest part of lovin'. haaay.

  2. pakshet!!!nababagay to ngayon sa akin pede ba tong kopyahin..???

  3. yes you can do so.. ok lang sa kanya iyon