Tagged again..

Ymir ayan kna naman.. tagging time na naman.. waaa.. ayoko talaga ng ganito.. pero malakas ka sa akin eh.. Internet meme again.. lolness!

Three Things That Scares Me

  1. to be alone
  2. unti unting torture.. mentally
  3. failure

Three People Who Make Me Laugh

  1. Mr. Bean
  2. Philippine Politics
  3. Infinite Stupidity of Mankind

Three Things I Love

  1. to eat and eaten (ooops!)
  2. chatting/texting with my friends
  3. video games!

Three Things I Hate

  1. waiting for almost 2 hours for nothing
  2. maybe "change"
  3. cockroaches, especially the flying ones (pareho tayo Ymir!)

Three Things I Don’t Understand

  1. how to be happy
  2. how to be contented
  3. calculus (talagang best pren tayo!)

Three Things On My Desk

  1. cellphone (omg.. 1999 pa ito)
  2. bear figurines (para maalala ko boss ko)
  3. my trusted Mug

Three Things I Am Doing Right Now

  1. worrying about the world
  2. watching the gray clouds up in the sky
  3. blogging even as i type

Three Things I Want To Do Before I Die

  1. go to outer space
  2. learn how to swim
  3. i want to get rich!

Three Things I Can Do

  1. I can breath
  2. I can eat
  3. I can drink

Three Things I Can’t Do

  1. I can’t please everybody
  2. I can’t fly
  3. I can’t sing

Three Things I Think You Should Listen To

  1. Diving Providence
  2. friends, family
  3. conscience (parang Safeguard!)

Three Things You Should Never Listen To

  1. mean people
  2. mga tupperware
  3. mga walang magawa sa buhay

Three Things I Would Like To Learn

  1. driving
  2. swimming
  3. i want to take Arcaheology

Three Favorite Foods

  1. laing.. maraming gata!
  2. spaghetti ung meaty at matamis
  3. soft candies..

Three Shows I Watched As A Kid

  1. Boomer (yung maliit na aso!)
  2. Visionaries
  3. Bioman and other super sentai

I want to tag.. Luisa, Skank Girl and Czian! mga hotbabes ng blogspot.. wahaha!

4 Reaction(s) :: Tagged again..

  1. already answered! thanks for the tag!

  2. oi czian salamat po sa pagsagot. amen!

  3. tenks po.. minsan lang naman yan e. ^_-

  4. honga eh.. yaan mo na.. pero ok naman!