kakabasa ko lang entry na ito.. wala lang,masyado lang akong naapektuhan sa matinding emotions mula sa author; talagang about deep inside ang message ng poem..


I thought I already knew the game of love is all about
Now I get caught in the middle to the game I played out
When a guy loves a man, I told myself be careful at
Boys do cry, not me but him screaming out.

It really hurts loving a man, hidden and forbidden, not accepted nor welcomed
That’s why I’m afraid, when things were getting serious and he’s coming one by one
I love him, he loves me more, I need him, and he needs me more
He’s someone who completes me, but completely I cannot own.

He is sacredly vowed, blessed by god above
We truly love each other, ignoring what’s in store for us
We both found a place, near to each other’s heart
But things came to an end, when I decided to hold back.

After that wonderful kisses, then why I should I leave him
I don’t know why I’m not happy, I want him to set free
He refuses to let of me, and it really kills inside
Coz I want him to stay, but he cannot be mine

I’ve been waited for this moment, to be loved by a man
Who touched my heart and my body, but in my soul I’m a dead man
Full of guilt and worries, now how can we be happy?
If someone is dying, and your better life will be leaving

I’m too ambitious, frustrated by the broken dreams
What’s left is the pieces of hope, deceived now by the dream
He is flared with riches and fame, but he sacrifices them just for me
He’s dying to work all night to build bridges with, me.
There’s isn’t a better way to break somebody’s heart

Hurt can’t be avoided, when love will torn apart
I’m doing this for love unselfishly, so go on now continue your journey
There’s a heaven ahead of you, into hell if you chooses me.
I need to find myself now, whether I’m right or wrong

To face with the fire, knowing I’ll get burn
Fire will surely hurt me, but the traces and scars will help me to be strong
But I hope I could stand it before I completely burned
DAD I’ll be lonely, and sorry to leave you behind

But I’ll be watching you by far, hoping you’ll be fine
Thanks Dad for the moment, for sweetness and being kind
Forever I’ll be thankful, in my heart you’ll be kept inside
Things won’t be the same again, let’s move on with our life

What are left are the memories and the love I failed to give
The love that you gave, which I think I don’t deserve
May the right one will have it and take you as a whole.
It’s hard to pretend I don’t love you, YET I still miss you

Every time my 3310 beeps, hoping that would be you
Forgive me Dad I can’t stand to fight our love, and now I surrender you
I’m not saying goodbye, I’m just standing right behind you
Days had passed without you, and it feels like eternity

Pain in my heart starts fading, but longing ness and guilt still remains
Completely I can’t forget you; every time I close my eyes it reminds me of you
I’m wondering if you feel the same thing the way that I do.
Now were completely gone and I can see you never

We already said farewells and our goodbyes forever
I don’t know how to end this line…or do I really want to?
So I’ll just leave a question, are goodbyes forever?

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