He Says.. (Hurting Inside)

-this was a part of Dale's blog entry, kakalungkot naman ng entry na ito, somewhat nakaka-relate ako sa situation niya and if you'll gonna read the whole entry, talagang kukurot sa puso mo

When I ended my life's chapter with you, and abt to write the next, I cant start, I tried really hard to compose myself to start the next chapter of my life, but I still failed to begin it, I realized, that when I ended our chapter I also ended my life. Please dont get hold of me, I'm already crushed and broken into pieces, the best gift that you can give is a gift of letting go, my freedom. Let me fly and soar my dark stormy sky, I dont even know where to go or what am I looking for, but despite of storm and darkness, I'd rather fly without direction, because I believe that heaven's wind will lead to a place where I can continue my life, Otherwise, Im gonna live in pain and sorrow, see you getting torn, falling for somebody new, thats the worst situation that i can ever be, I'd rather ask God to take away my life than to witness it right infront of me.

-Jomai's Friendster Testimonial to Dale, Looking Back - Jomai, Bum-Spot, Dale Bacar's Blog

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