One of the Best advice

-natutuwa ako sa advice na ito na binigay ng co-forumer sa Mukamo tungkol sa nagtatanong about identity crisis, it's just a partial part of his advice and I just want to know more about him para mabigyan niya rin ako ng mga advice sa kanyang relationships.. ^^

There's much to learn and dont put yourself into problem you yourself can solve, dont asked yourself a question you yoursefl can anwers, dont make things complicated..Ikaw lang at hindi kami ang nakakalam kung san ka liligaya.

Takot kang baka hindi ka mgiging masaya? How would you know na hindi ka magiging masaya kung hindi mo pa nasusubukan. Fighting the battle is half the fun, and it the end, it doesn't really matter wheter you win or lose, the thing is you've been there.. you were there.. hope you get what i mean..

Just my two cents....."LIFE is ephemeral, and the QUIENTESSENTIAL of living is HAPPINESS, Dont deprive yourself from being happy."

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