Mukamo Advice (continued)

and again from this entry, Jinji is seeking advice for this situation..

"kung sakaling crush mo ang friend mo na syota naman ng friend mo rin, na nahuli mo namang niloloko siya nito (nanliligaw pa ng iba, nakikipag date etc.) and parang taken for granted siya..pero sobrang martir naman at mapaguusapan naman daw iyon nilang dalawa. anu ang gagawin mo na alam mo namang crush na crush mo siya?"

Buknoy (Mukamo forumer) replied..

di ko alam kasi di ko pa nararanasan pare. pero in any case, eto di ko lam kung ayus ah, never been into that kasi kaya puro base lang to sa kukoteng kong kinakalawang..

crush mo lang naman yung friend mo eh. it wont hur telling him/her that - that is if your sure to compromise the firendship you both have established. Baka kasi iwasan ka niya for letting him know na crush mo siya or either kayo ang magkatuluyan kasi inaantay ka my point.

About your other friend's flings, i guess you not in the shoe to inform your other friend that his partner(who happen again to be your friend--masyado ka atang friendly).....cge sabihin mo, yet you know the fact na martir kaibigan mo. Sino mapapasama, who would then be the antagonist in the story, ikaw---they'll both perceive your trying to ruin their relationship...and come one, i bet your friend(na crush mo) has his own extra cur activity, just that his so discreet in doing so, or either your just in his side thats why medyo you wouldnt want other to judge him wrongly.

I mean, your other friend is dating--granted he's wrong, but perhaps there is a reason why your friend is doing that. Baka kasi alang time yung crush mo sa kanya, baka kasi pakiramdam niya he's being compromised, baka kasi pakiramdam niya he's always outside the picture, thats why he wanted to someone that could give those things that your crush cant give.

instead, why not become a mediator, it's gonna hurt maybe, bec crush mo nga yung isa and from your essay, i am concluding that you wanted them na to part ways para enter ka sa scenario(sorry for my conclusion), pero success they say is being on top w/o stepping into someone's head. Why not try to talk first to your other friend and say, its not healthy to make such moves specially when he's taken(friendly conversation ha), and find the root cause why he's doing that. And if you fnd something, tell completely to your crush that without fabricating or sugarcoating any scenario--the whole truth, and if you cant, let them both talk...If you cant find some reason, hayaan mo ng maging martir ang kaibigan mo, sooner or later, he'll realized that, he's old enough for him nnot to know what he's doing....Just be thre for them, prove to them that you are indeed a FRIEND trying to help not a FRIEND whose trying to wreck a relationship.

Sa ganitong relasyon kasi, people are so prone to hook up with the partner of his friend or vice versa, and in the end, all people that were involved bcme enemies...and i hope you, your crush, and your other friend wont end up that way--these days, hirap ng maghanap ng totoong tropa. be thankful instead you have two...

hope i have said something that is worth - reading;-) please keep me posted

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  1. Okay naman na ang advice ni Buknoy, hindi ba?

  2. yeah, i couldnt agree more.