Supervisor's Christmas Message

Hi GUYS!!!

Merry Christmas to everyone. This year has been so fun and fullfilling thanks to each and every one of you..

Angie, laughter is always the best medicine... At ikaw ang botika ng bayan. I appreciate your sense of cheer and warmth. I hope you always stay like that.

Ms Bitun, you're such a dear lady. Competitive, effective, fun and sweet at the same time. I love what you bring to the table.

Tess, you've got a big heart in a small package. You're such a positive presence and I like having you around, foxy lady.

Peng, I love how opinionated you are, and I admire your thought process. You are also very thoughtful of me and your peers. One of the most unique and wonderful people I've known.

Ricky my homie, your initiative is something I'm definitely proud of. Ever-smiling and an overall nice guy. Cheers!

Diane, my princessity. You are indeed very charming. A burst of sunshine all the time.

Khris, I dunno if I've mentioned that I love how you're a real lady with a great sense of humor. You never fail to crack me up. You will definitely make a good wife someday =D

Jeff my boy! You're my intriguing guy. I appreciate so much the things that you do to help the team out. You're very smart and you've got a fascinating personality.

Vivz, my sweet lady. You're such a darling. I'm happy to have someone as nice as you are in my team. And you've got one of the best naturally wavy hair ever, hehe.

Lenelyn, you're such a warm person. Very endearing, and the team will never be what it is without you. You are promising, and I cannot wait to see what's in store for you.

Grazzie, how can the day go by without having you around? You're fun-loving and an efficient colleague at the same time. Your friendliness will make you go places.

Oliver buddy boy, you are one really talented person. A mix of creativity, resourcefulness, critical thinking and charm. I'm glad you're showing us this wonderful side of you.

Annabelle, without question, your integrity is absolutely admirable. Your thirst for knowledge plus overall nice persona will definitely go a long way. Way to go!

Sherrydante, I'm not sure when you'd get to read this. But you're such a bright light through anything. I've never seen you being negative at all. That means people just like having you around.

Joydee, you're a darling. Your resilience and determination to overcome obstacles is inspiring. I hope only the best things for you.

Jona, my sweet artist. God has been very generous with his graces upon you--giving you wonderful talents and an equally wonderful personality.

And a happy new year to all of you! I love you guys, and I appreciate everyone being so nice and all. I wish you all the best. God Bless =D

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