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thanks Maxwell sa isang uber mushy, super nilalanggam na blog entry na ito, thanks for the inspiration!

"I know that what we have here is not a tailor made fairy tale but i wouldn't want it in any other way. it hasn't been easy lately but i always find myself wanting to be with you because after all, i'm happily in love with you and i can't find it in my heart to look for any other.


Going back, we had a very, very rough start to say the least. things have been said and done and lessons were learned and while going through all of it, i realized that you can't have what you want if you just give up without even trying.


You make my life more exciting and worthwhile. thank you for opening up and letting me in. i know there's more to learn and probably more to come because we are still a work in progress but let's just give it time and hope that everything will turn out great. just take my hand and don't let go. we'll make this work, me and you. we just have to stay down because we're almost to the very best part.


screw what lies ahead, the endless possibilities and the countless what if's. all i do know is, right here, right now. i'm happily in love with you. and that is all the reason i need to go on believing that someday, we'll have our time. and when that time comes, we'll make the most out of it."

The Rollercoaster Ride, Maxwell's Fabricated Late Night Blues

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  2. bakit po mami yanah!

  3. Hi..heloO pOh, pwe bumati???

    "Hi sa nanay at tatay ko diyan sa amin
    at sa mga kapitbahay ko, kumusta na kayo!?
    Mabuhay tayong lahat!! : )

    Yun lng..Salamat ng marami.."NAPADAAN"

  4. wahaha. may ganun jason!