Stress Report

When you are stressed you will often take direct action to fix, remove or minimise the source of your stress. This can involve formulating a step based plan to directly deal with the source of the stress, however after the initial shock of an event has warn of you will take time to come up with action strategies and think about what steps you will need to take to best handle your problems. In dealing with a stressful situation you sometimes rely on the love and support of your social network, including both friends and family.

You may seek moral support, sympathy and understanding. You will never use alcohol or drugs as a means of escaping stress. You prefer to face up to situations uninhibited by mind altering substances. You have a good ability to see the upside of a negative event or situation. This allows you to understand and internalise the problem and grow as a person, possibly allowing you to prevent or overcome the same problem in the future.

source: LearnMyself

11 Reaction(s) :: Stress Report

  1. i hate it that some of the people i know resort to using drugs and drown themselves in barrels of alchohol for temporary refuge. blah!

  2. hehe. mga losers lang mga yun!

  3. ay di ako loser! hahaha

    @eye_spy i did it when i wanted to celebrate....ages ago. =)

  4. mksurf8 nu kba nde mo naman siguro gagawin un dba. saka nakalagpas ka na sa stage na iyon!

  5. ei, care to meet if ever?i needed somebody to be with me on july 1, my bertdey

  6. wahaha. july 1 kasama ba si kenny dyan? san ba banda yan?

  7. stressed ka.

  8. it's just how you deal with stress

  9. I respect people who try to take refuge in some substances and alcohol. Kanya-kanya lang, maybe they're not as strong as some people are. Sabi nga ng isa sa nagcomment it's a process they decided to take kahit minsan di naman dapat..

    hayaan na natin I know at the right time mauuntog din sila.. :D

    Now, let's drink to that! hehe!!

  10. Grabe ang tagal ko nang di napunta dito.

    Stress naku i hate that

  11. nakaka stress pala ang hindi pagbisita sa site ko. wahaha!