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"Agent Fox Mulder lost consciousness at approximately 4:30 this morning, the 12th of March. There is nothing more I can do for him, or for myself. Supplies are exhausted, no food or liquid consumed for over 24 hours. The outer hull most probably flooded, though for now the inner hull is supporting the ship's mass. Among Halverson's belongings, I found a children's book of Norse legends. From what I can tell, the pictures show the end of the world - not in a sudden firestorm of damnation as the Bible teaches us, but in a slow covering blanket of snow. First the moon and the stars will be lost in a dense white fog, then the rivers and the lakes and the sea will freeze over. And finally a wolf named Skoll will open his jaws and eat the sun, sending the world into an everlasting night. I think I hear the wolf at the door. "
-Dana Scully, "Dod Kalm", The X-Files, Season 2 Episode 19

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  1. fav ko din x-files when I was in college... 2 lang ata kami kaklase ko may gus2 nito... ok lang pareho namn kami genius hehehe...

  2. ahaha. hindi lang kasi nila matanggap or open sa mga paranormal stuff like that. akala nila parang seinfeld lang yung x-files. wahaha!