He Says

"I have always been cold, irritable, tactless and selfish. A self defense mechanism so people wont go near and hurt me. A complete opposite of ****. Yet, after seeing me at my worst, he still stayed at my side. He would always try to cheer me up and take good care of me as best as he could.

I have been scared to let people inside, thinking they would hurt me and hurt me bad. He taught me how to bring back the child I had lost--how to bring that smile back to my face. To an extent, I still am cold, irritable, tactless and selfish. But with the realization that this ain't me. and I know, with that in mind, I can finally start healing and be a child again."
-Ice Knight's Thinking Out Loud

2 Reaction(s) :: He Says

  1. Jin it's good na nailalabas niya ang best side mo. I'm happy sa inyo.

  2. langya. hindi po ako yan. basta pag he/she says. quote lang iyon sa ibang blogger. toinks xtian. sipag mo ah. salamat sa pagdalaw.