He Says

"Some call it martyrdom, some even call it foolishness but for me it's TRUE LOVE when you don't expect to be loved or anythin' in return for lovin' that person. Not to feel sadness nor hate but only happiness towards that person. Even if that person loves someone else, even if that person hurts you, even if that person laughs at your feelings, even if that person doesn't know you exist. If you truly love that particular person then you should continue lovin' that person and be happy 'bout it. 'nuf said!"
-England via Facebook

6 Reaction(s) :: He Says

  1. ganun ba yon?

  2. hehe, napagdaraan na kasi nya kaya nasabi niya ang mga iyon!

  3. love sucks! fuck!


  4. true love is insane. heehee.

  5. i call it

    unconditional love.


    "the greatest thing you'll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return"

    -moulin rouge

  6. hehe, honga eh! mabuti pa ang mga hayop enoh, mamahalin ka nang walang kundisyon