He Says

""I never dreamed a perfect relationship with you, I just want a perfect life for you. Whatever it is that makes you happy, it makes me happy too."

Seeing my friends together with their girlfriends with happy faces makes me envious. I envy them because of the elation they find when they are together, and not once they've felt guilt of loving each other. And I admire them for loving their girlfriends with all their heart. Then, in my own lonely presence I came to think of her. How is she now? Is she fine? Is she doing well? Those questions keep on coming to my mind every time I miss her. A longing never easy to resist. There were no days I never think of her. I really miss her. If days come without seeing her presence I'm starting to be anxious. I start to think if she's really fine and comfortable. I pray to God if I can have the chance even just a glance of her, just to make sure she's okay. A little sight of her makes me feel good, and reassuring that she's fine makes me feel better. I really want to be with her, if only I had a choice.

I don't wanna lost you. I don't wanna starve to death. Please stay with me.

...I think of you this time
, hope you are always okay. As long that these feelings remain in my heart, my longing for you will never end. In you I find peace and contentment. You are my home... I will always love you."
-A Longing, Denaselogy

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  1. yan oh! in lab! you have a choice i say! but you simply choose not to be with her, because if you really want to be with her, go find her. life is too short my dear friend, start to be with your happiness and never cease to love now!

  2. haha, sa author ko yan sasabihin ester. thanks sa pagdalaw!

  3. Loving and needing are two different things..

    I feel bad in saying that. :(

  4. hehe, it's ok rudolph, minsan kasi there is a thin line between the two kaya minsan nde natin alam na lumalagpas na tayo sa boundary ng bawat isa.

  5. uuuuyyyyy... :)
    haaay. at the age of 25 i never felt that way for anyone pa... (yung romantic a)

  6. haha. mararanasan mo rin mga yan.