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House impeaches Merci for betrayal of public trust
03/22/2011 | 12:13 AM

UPDATED 2:30 a.m. - The House of Representatives approved early on Tuesday the articles of impeachment to bring Ombudsman Merceditas Gutierrez to trial at the Senate for her alleged betrayal of public trust. In a 212-46 vote with four abstentions, the lawmakers impeached Gutierrez for alleged betrayal of public trust due to the low conviction rates during her term and her supposed inaction on five high-profile cases. The House members approved House Justice Committee Report No. 778 as contained in House Resolution 1089 stating the articles of impeachment against Gutierrez after almost seven hours of marathon plenary discussions.

Impeachable offenses

The approved articles of impeachment states the following impeachable offenses which Gutierrez allegedly committed:

(1) under Gutierrez, the Office of the Ombudsman has performed dismally as shown by the office’s low conviction rate;

(2) the unreasonable failure to take prompt and immediate action on complaints filed against various public officials, including former President and now incumbent Pampanga Rep. Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo and her husband Jose Miguel Arroyo regarding the National Broadband Network (NBN)-ZTE project;

(3) the inexcusable delay of the Ombudsman in conducting and concluding its investigation into the wrongful death of Ensign Philip Andrew PestaƱo aboard a Philippine navy vessel;

(4) inaction in the matter of the Fertilizer Fund Scam;

(5) inaction in the matter of the Mega Pacific deal on automated polls machines; and

(6) inaction in the matter of the “Euro Generals" issue.

source: GMA NEWS TV


Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, pangisingisi kapa nang makunan sa camera last midnight umaasa ka na maraming mag-nenegative votes. Samahan mo pa ng tawa ng mga demonyito mong mga anak lalo na ang panganay mo na hawig ni Jose Manalo ng Eat Bulaga. Kung dati-rati hindi nabuksan ang sealed envelope dahil sa "No" votes, this time "THE YES VOTES HAVE IT", Not this time GMA, not this time..

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  1. tinapos ko yan kagabi at alas-dose na yata natapos...mabuti naman at natuloy na sa senado ang impeachment ni mercedita, ngayon aantayin ko naman ang pagdidnig ng kasong yan sa senado....

  2. sana lang merong enough number sa senate for conviction. oh baka nabayaran na rin ng dakilang pandak ang mga senador. abangan!

  3. Well, I have strong feelings that Merci will be impeached. If the senators will vote in favor of Merci, then they are creating Monster that soon will eat them bit by bit, pieces by pieces.

  4. sinabi mo pa.