Teh [Darling of the Senate] does it again

“Huwag mo nang pasukan ito. E kung kaming mga senador, hindi kami pumapasok sa pagboxing pero kung gusto mo e pwede rin [Don’t get yourself involved in this anymore. We senators don’t engage into boxing but if you want, then we may]"

“God said in the Bible, 'Go forth and multiply.' That meant that God wanted man, not necessarily to literally multiply, but to go out to work with the rest of the human beings of this planet and to apply the stewardship theory. Meaning to say, taking care of each other, who are all in the planet living together."

“They are quoting Jesus … but none of them were living when he was around plus they're quoting God but the Bible says no one has ever seen God. In fact, if we claimed to have seen God, as I said, you are in urgent need of psychiatric care" 
-Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago, quoting Rep. Manny Pacquiao to back off regarding the heated RH Bill issue.

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