Teh [Outbreak Manila] begins..

Picture muna before the race

STARS alpha team

Wave 5 participants briefing

 Kaunting promotional pic for Booster C drink

start of the race, merong habulan agad na nangyayari

one of the few zombie celebs like Jacko

'nuff said

STARS on stage!

with the lady officers of teh Philippine Army

M203 Grenade Launcher baby

mag snipe lang tabingi pa haha, my bad

Sa kabila ng pagsubsub ko sa lupa at muntik nang masira ang camera, at ilang beses na pagdapa ko sa mataas na talahiban. It's been a rewarding experience to participate to this one of a kind fun run. The thrills of dodging and running your way for your survival from hordes of zombies trying to grab your health flags which really pumped up your adrenaline level to its highest level, priceless! Thanks Outbreak Manila and were hoping to see you again next year!

3 Reaction(s) :: Teh [Outbreak Manila] begins..

  1. hello stars team!congrats!no comment tnt!~

  2. Congrats sa inyo... ikaw na!

  3. thanks guys, sana makasama kayo next year!