Life is not a Race

Taken from a facebook post from sir JP.. An eye opener to everyone.. 

”This is the problem of some (or most) people in our society. They think life is a race. People are socially conditioned by unrealistic requirements and standards. Hello, its already 2019.

Some arrive at work late, some come early. We all have our own road bumps and hindrances during our life journey. 

PLEASE. Ang buhay ay hindi contest. Life is not a competition. STOP THE COMPARISON. Dont let make other people feel they cant keep up with the invisible race our unrealistic fellows created. Let’s not make people question their life just because we are a bit of ahead of them. Kaya marami ang na de-depress.

Wala sa edad yan. Kung kaya mong makabili ng kotse by 24, go! But if you can't afford one yet and you're already 35, wala rin namang problema doon. Relax lang. 

Instead of saying, "Ikaw?", how about, "Kaya mo rin yan. Ikaw pa ba! 😉

When other people succeed, be happy for them. 

When you succeed, help others succeed, too.” 

Don't be pressured.

Do not pressure. 

We all have our timelines.

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