Got this horoscope from Dale, hindi naman ako naniniwala sa ganito pero hindi naman masamang gawing reference na rin. Totoo kaya ang nilalaman nito. Na-miss ko tuloy si Zenaida Seva sa kanyang quote, "Hindi hawak ng mga bituin ang ating kapalaran - gabay lamang sila, meron tayong free will gamitin natin ito.."


You need a partner more than you might realize. Living in your own world can be gratifying, but life is so much easier when you have someone to take care of the annoying things that make up your daily routine. Your Cancer and Scorpio friends understand you well, and you can laugh and cry together as you go to the heights and depths of your emotions. When you need a partner who will keep you grounded, though, it's best for you to look to Virgo. This born organizer will respect your feelings, but also help you take care of some basic business. Your most difficult match is Libra -- because of your mutual distaste for decision-making, getting things done will require adult supervision.

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  1. Can relate ako dun sa horoscope ah... kunsabagay pisces din ako.. hehehe

  2. ahaha. pisces ka rin pala. kelan b-day mo kuya? kaya pala malas ka rin sa pag-ibig. toinks!

  3. weh? buti scorpio ako :P

  4. haha. dapat nilagay your bestfriend is a gemini. hehe.

  5. hehe. hindi nga. lolness. compatible ba sila.