FB apps update

Dungeons and Dragons. Lv.5 Dragonborn Warlock. Third Generation. Mithral Shirt of Corellon (recurring equipts)

CastleAge. Lv. 92. 214 Army size. Doin Aurora demi-quest. Undead realm quest. 1000+ invasions. 500+ duels. Constructed 100 siege weapons. Rank 10 Lieutenant Commander.

MafiaWars.  Lv. 501. Doin Bangkok jobs. Yakuza reputation (allied). Chop-chop operation in progress. 1200+ Mafia members.

Spore Islands. 54% Biodiversity (got a trophy). Main pet lv.7. Almost 3.97 million points going for 4. Rank 1 local for pts and ratings. Rank 252nd (rating) 742nd (points) global.

Naruto Shippuden. Lv.97 special jounin. 18 team members. Doin side arcs.

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